FCI-Standard N° 354  /22. 11. 2006/

Polish Hunting Dog is a polish breed typical for the south part of Poland (Bieszczady, Pieniny, Podhale).

General appearance:

Light, compact, springy, bones lighter than that of Ogar Polski. Very agile, showing endurance especially when working in difficult mountainous conditions. Middle sized, never over 60cm , rectangular, shorthaired, black brindle.


Even tempered, docile, bold but prudent, intelligent, easily trained. Not aggressive but suspicious towards strangers. Excellent guard. Used to hunt boars , foxes and hares in the mountains of south Poland. His voice is melodious, the pitch of voice changes, bitches have usually higher voice.

Head and skull:

Noble, balanced. Length of muzzle and skull the same, forehead slightly arched, stop slightly marked, occiput slightly marked.


Black, brown or flesh colour, despending on the coat colour.


Fleshy, covering teeth with a little fold in the corner.


Strong, level, white, the complete set desirable.


Middle sized, oblique, eye rims close fitting.


Pendulous, light, triangular, middle sized. Set on low, at the level of outer eye corner. Wide at base, with front edge touching cheeks, tips rounded, covered with smooth, silky coat.


Middle length, rather thick, carried not too high, oval in cross section. Skin on neck loose but without dewlap.


Back straight, muscular. Withers marked. Loins broad, muscular. Croup neither arched nor straight. Chest deep, reaching elbows, forechest slightly marked, ribs well let down. Belly moderately tuck up.


Seen from the front limbs straight. Shoulder blade long and sloping. Lower arm dry, oval in cross-section. Elbows neither loose nor very close fitting. Shoulder blade and upper arm make an open angle. Metatarsus dry, elastic, slightly sloping. Length from elbow to the ground equals half height at withers.


Compact, slightly oval. Toes slightly arched. Nails dark. Thick padded.


Seen from the rear, tights broad and muscular, hocks set well down, lower tight muscular. Feet the same as front feet.


Reaching the hocks, moderately long, well covered with coat, with traces of brush. At rest carried low with a scimitar curve at the tip, in action carried a little bit over the back line.


Body hair hard, stiff, close fitting. Undercoat dense, more abundant in winter, less dense in summer. Hair on head and ears short and silky.


Clear black and tan (red brown). Tan markings over eyes, on muzzle, throat, chest, inner and back side of tights, under the tail, on toes, on back side of tail to 1/3 or 1/2 of its length. Small white markings on toes and chest are not a fault.


Height at withers: dogs 55 - 59cm, bitches 50 - 55cm.


- Level bite.

- Body too long or too short.

- Long legged animals.

- Light, round eye.

- Light bone.

- Insufficient borders between black and tan colours.

Disqualifying faults:

- Overshot, undershot.

- Cryptorchizm.