In the memory of Ryszard Weron, a wonderful person with much energy

and large knowledge about dogs, a true fan of Polish Hunting Dog.

Ryszard Weron (1952-2008)


                The hunting season was finishing little by little and it was time to count the damages in private farms causen by wild animals. I was invited togeter with my friend Tadek to one of the farms to prepare the official record. When the visit was finished, the farmer asked us if we didn't know somebody who would want a hunting dog. "I would give him for free", he said. "He's killing the chickens, ducks, escaping from the house many times, so I had to close him in a cage". At that time I was the owner of 3 purebreed dogs. I never liked getting dogs from unknown sources, my puppies were growing up in my own house, so I said I didn't want that dog. When going out of the house, I heard barking and as I'm a dogs' lover, I just had to see that dog even if it was just to try to imagine what different breeds could be the ancestors of that animal. In a cage of 60 x 200 x 100cm I saw a black/brown dog barking at strangers. We came a bit more closer and we saw something that was not anymore a dog since long ago. The black hair were not really black anymore, but grey in fact. Slim body, bones that you could see without even touching the dog it was looking more like a Whippet in a bad condition. Only the head was saying it's a purebreed dog. "Where is coming from that dog?" asked Tadek, and the farmer explained a story how the female came here from the city, where she was being closed in a flat destroying it every time she was staying alone and how finally her owners decided to give her to somebody in the countryside believing she would have a happier life. "She has a pedigree, the name of the breed is Polish Hunting Dog" said the farmer, and to proof it showed us the tatoo in one of the ears. "We call her LUTNIA", just like the surname of her owners was. In that  moment a felt a real pity for her for being a prisoner here in the farm just because her character as a hunting dog was like people created it to be many many years ago. In any case, I couldn't take her with me. Fourth dog? it's a madness! So I decided to find a new owner for her. After coming back home I explained all the story to my wife and the rest of the family, everybody felt just the same pity as me, but all we knew we have to find a new responsable owner for her. Only my son lost his head and said he wants to have her at home, nothing could convince him we shouldn't do that. Several times I was going for hunting and just passing the farm where the female was, when one day my wife said we could bring her home and have her until we find somebody. First moments in the new house were strange for her and for us too. She was agresive with other dogs and became a leader very quickly. Everyone of us liked her so much, that we didn't look for a new owner anymore. We started from a visit to the vet. She needed several treatments, and also feeding several times a day in little quantities. Very quickly she got to look nicely, started hunting with me and after the winter we thought to take her to her first show. Only the pedigree was missing, but with the help of Magdalena Musial we got to Wojtek Machaj - Lutnia's breeder, my dear friend now. At the first show in Zabrze, Lutnia won her class. Second, international show in Wroclaw - she was Best of Breed already. Until now she gained the following titles: Polish Champion, Winner of Poland, Mid&East Europe Winner, several Best of Breeds, CACs and CACIBs. Lutnia gave us 2 litters so far and her offspring is just as good as she is. We got the title of 2nd best kennel of the year 2001 and two Lutnia's daughters obtained the Best brace title. Lutnia is a great working dog, but a princess at the same time. My casual meeting with that breed allowed me to become to know better that breed and fall in love in that dogs.